Price List

Pick up and Delivery Laundry Service = $1.99/lb, $2.99/lb for Same Day ($30min), Drop off at Store Laundry Service = $1.79/lb (24hrs) ($20min)

Hotel Pickup and Delivery ($2.99/lb) $2.99
In Store Drop Off ($1.79/lb) $1.79
Pick Up and Delivery ($1.99/lb) $1.99
Comforter $20.00
Ironed Sheets (3.99/lb) $3.99
Minimum Delivery Order $30.00
Special Care Hang Dry Items $7.00
Special Care Separating Colored/Whites $7.00
Special Care Treating Stains $7.00
Steamed Pressed Dress $13.00
Steamed Pressed Shirt $8.00
Steamed Pressed Suit $25.00
Transfer Service $5.00
Bottle of Water $1.00
Lingerie Bag $4.00
Wire Hanger $1.00
Wooden Hanger $2.00